Wheel of Life Assessment

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We have used this exercise many times in our group sessions. The wheel allows us to assess where we are, what is out of alignment, and where we can grow.

Rate yourself on the wheel below using the link to the pdf.

Review the 8 categories on your Wheel of Life. Rewrite the categories to be more meaningful to you.

  1. Examples of changes are:
    1. Family and Friends: Split “Family and Friends” into separate
    2. Significant Other: Changing the category name to “Dating”, “Relationship” or “Life Partner”.
    3. Career: Changing the category name to “Motherhood”, “Work”, “Business” or “Volunteering”.
    4. Finances: Changing the category name to “Money”, “Financial Security” or “Financial Wellbeing”.
    5. Health: The category name could be split or changed to “Emotional”, “Physical”, “Fitness”, “Spiritual” or “Wellbeing”.
    6. Home Environment: The category could split or change to “Work Environment” for career or business
    7. Fun & Leisure: The category name could change to “Recreation”
    8. Personal Growth: The category name could change to “Learning”, “Self-Development” or “Spiritual”
    9. Other categories to add could include “Security”, “Service”, “Leadership”, “Achievement” or “Community”.
  2. What does success or satisfaction would feel like for each area?
  3. Rank your level of satisfaction with each area of your life by drawing a line across each segment. Place a value between 1 (very dissatisfied) and 10 (fully satisfied) against each area to show how satisfied you are currently with each category in your

Wheel of Life Reset

Thank you to The Coaching Tools Company for these great exercises.