Simone Sloan and Empathy

By November 3, 2020 No Comments

Simone and I met recently on LinkedIn. Today we discussed the lack of empathy that we are seeing in the workplace.

What is empathy?

How does empathy show up in our work environments?

How do we become more empathic?

Simone’s bio: As an Executive Strategist, I partner with entrepreneurs, small business owners and companies to create a solid foundation while helping their businesses grow.
As a serial entrepreneur, I really understand the challenges, risks, and rewards with starting, growing, and operating a business. And, more importantly, I will coach you in those areas.

My pharmacy and MBA background have allowed me to hone my business skills in both the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. I have managed cross-functional teams, honed my skills as a Marketer, Communication Specialist in Medical Affairs, Sales and Medical Training, and Global Business Strategy.