Ray Attiyah – Leading Through Change

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This is YOUR Leadership Moment

Leading through change.

COMMUNICATION, SPEED and FLEXIBILITY will be key to your team’s success.

More than ever proactive communication will be key to your success.


How often should you communicate?

  • Daily, weekly?
  • Team touch points

How should you communicate with virtual employees?

  • Email
  • Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. There are situations where it is important that your face be seen so others don’t read into the tone of an email.

What do you need to communicate?

  • Start with the why. Why am I communicating? Have purpose. Be clear. HAVE EMPATHY – help bring clarity from unknown to known.

How do you ease fear/anxiety of working in a new way with employees?

  • Be patient, realize that people haven’t been trained … There will be many unexpected problems, give people place to share concerns, ideas etc in safe way
  • New office hours?
  • You need to be flexible – they are dealing with children at home – small kids who need their attention and older kids who are bored and secluded from their friends

How do you deal with sick employees?

  • Define your sick leave policy – for the employee or caring for someone with Corona

How do you continue to communicate with your suppliers and clients – we are in this together

  • Most likely you had a virtual relationship with your suppliers and vendors already – make sure not to neglect them.
  • Make sure you communicate and knew if they will be able to support your plans
  • Let suppliers know asap if you no longer need their products or services


We are all in this together. We will all be learning new ways of running our businesses over the next few weeks. Please use this post as a place to ask questions, share your ideas, tell us of your victories and let us know how you are doing, and if there is anything we can do to help get you situated in this new “norm.”