Micro Shift Book

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micro shift book

I can’t believe it is finally here. I have always wanted to write a book and what a better way to do it than with other people you respect in a collective book.

The book is Micro Shift. We believe that there are small mindset shifts you can make for a great impact. This is The Mindset Book to help you get unstuck.

We are beyond excited about this book. So many great takeaways and mindset shifts you can implement easily.

Your authors are Lauren Ammon, Patrice Borders, Dr. Monique Johnson, L. Danyetta Najoli, Theresa Vermillion, and myself.

Learn and truly understand how your thought patterns trip you up and how to make small mindset shifts within yourself. What do we call this? We call this a Micro Shift. Mindset shifts don’t have to be big and scary. Micro Shift helps you learn to make small adjustments and habits in order to make lasting and impactful changes personally and professionally. Micro Shift provides a variety of diverse stories, experiences and coaching from:

• find unabandoned joy and gratitude in your own life
• tame your inner critic
• reimage your own performance to perform at your personal
• build resilience in the face of adversity
• trailblaze your life – both personally and in your career
• turn life’s hardships into your purpose and superpower.

Each carefully crafted chapter has a thoughtfully curated workbook to accompany it. Utilize these workbooks to aid you in applying the lessons learned from this book in your own life.

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