LaMarque Ward-Dream Builders

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LaMarque and I talked about the importance of dreaming again during this crazy time.

Have you ever had to start all over?

What drives you?

What’s your why?

Learn more about Dream Builders University and the work that LaMarque is doing.

Details to see LaMarque virtually on October 1:


LaMarque Ward spent 9 years teaching and leading in Job Corps, but over time, he realized that the young people he served needed more than just academic instruction. They needed life coaching, someone to help them identify their personal goals and dreams, so they could build plans for their success. That’s when the idea for Dream Builders was born!
LaMarqué founded Dream Builders University in 2009. His vision was straightforward: to educate people with relevant life-changing information, to challenge old ideas, and to inspire people in organizations and schools to deliver their highest potential to humanity.