Day of Mindset Coaching Videos

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My goal of our day of mindset coaching is to help armor you up for the day ahead. Come back to these as many times as you need. View one or view them all. Connect with these amazing coaches. Let us know how we can help.

Share some of your takeaways from these amazing sessions.

Finding joy in chaos with Monica Scalf
Overcoming anxiety with Sunitha Narayanan
Keep moving forward with your goals with Stephanie Polen
Finding purpose with John McCarthy
Positive productive mindset with Kathy Vaské
Victim to victor with Marlisse Hardamon
Empathy during hard times with Lauren Ammon

Love and light to you all.

Monica Scalf -Finding Joy in Chaos

Use your joy radar.

Times like these will be imperfect. Give yourself permission to go with the flow

Sunitha Narayanan-Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is not a bad thing. We need to move through it.

Sunitha introduced us to a new word and her practice. MAITRI – unconditional friendship to YOURSELF and others, built on integrity ad compassion

“Noticing Practice” – (“stay in observation” and remove the judgment)

11-second pause – scientific evidence that we can shift our thinking if we find ourselves running “amuck”  – Embrace a practice of yoga or prayer or gratitude…

We are not our emotions, we experience our emotions.  “I feel anxious” vs “I am anxious”

Ask what emotions get in your way:  what emotions help me stay open and what makes me shut down?

T:  Is it true?

H: Is it helpful?  for my greater good?

I:  Inspiring – am I feeling for or more numb

N: Needed?  necessary?  is there another choice?

K:  Kindness – showing friendship to MYSELF

If we are empty, there is nothing to give. Fill up your cup so you can serve others.

When I say yes to:________

I say no to: ______________

We are whole-hearting beings, we can strive to be our “best selves” but need to recognize that we cannot always be our best version.

HOPE – we need to all share what that looks like

HELP – it is okay to tell someone how to help you.  Advice is not always what is needed, but it is what we typically want to give.

HEART – 2 heart cells from different hearts both beat at the same rhythm

Stephanie Polen -Keep Moving Forward with Your Goals

Grab a pen and paper. She walks us through some fun exercises.

How can we become more aware of how our brains are wired to understand what our patterns are?

How does this show up in our daily lives?

Why do you think people have such a hard time moving forward with their goals, especially in times like these?

John McCarthy -Finding Purpose

We had a technical issue with his video. Please enjoy our conversation.

How did you get started with the Purpose Promise?

When exploring the mindset of purpose, tell us about your framing around the trilogy of time and why it is so important? Trilogy (past, present and future).

Relational wealth should be our focus.

Explain seasonality and how it impacts the way we view purpose?

What about now, how do you think COVID-19 is going to affect the way many people define their purpose?

Time in Kronos and Kairos. Kairos is God’s timing.

Time is viewed differently.

Rewrite how you define success.

Get his book at It is free if you are looking for a job.

Kathy Vaske-Positive Productive Mindset

What do you mean by Positive Productive Mindset and Why Should That Be The Conversation?

Why are you, a Digital Marketing Strategist, talking to us about Positive Psychology and Mindset?

What do we do to get into a positive productive mindset?

  • Reduce anxiety-journal, yoga, meditation
  • Clarity or set intention what you want to happen
  • Ramp up your energy-use a playlist of songs that gets you going and moving. Move into work mode.

Marlisse Hardamon -Victim to Victor Mentality

What do you mean when you say trauma?

What are the strategies that you employed to more from trauma to triumph?

How important is being in community, of some kind, during this process?

You are not stuck. Use your trauma to help others get on the other side as you have.

Acknowledge the stressor

Name your pain


Lauren Ammon -Empathy in a Virtual World

What does empathy look like in a virtual world?

What are some specific actions to demonstrate empathy?

What if I’m struggling to find empathy?

Think of a hard situation that you went through, and you got on the other side.

Remember the strength you had to get through it. Tap into that strength.

Simon Sinek says it isn’t, did I have a good day or a bad day? He says it’s asking yourself, am I ahead or am I behind. Reframe it.

One situation at a time

Use the GRACE method.