Day of Business Coaching Videos

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We are empowering you with some tips and resources to help you make decisions in your business during this challenging time.

Connect with us and share your top takeaways from the videos.

Redefining your Target Audience/Personas with Vicki O’Neill
Innovation-time is now with Bob Sager
Sales during a crisis with Debbie Siegert
Leading and working through a crisis with Benjamin McCall
Google My Business with Rusty Allison
Growth Mindset with Ron Adams
Website/ecommerce with James Wolf


Vicki O’Neill

What are personas? Name your persona.

Why are personas important for my business?

How would I begin creating personas on my own?

Identify your target audience beyond the demographics, consider their pain points and repeat your ideal customers.

She shared an amazing list of resources for you for joining today’s webinar: Make sure to check out her podcast called Connect the Dots. It is listed on the resource page as well.

Bob Sager

Creativity is currently ranked as the number one soft skill needed for success in today’s world. Is creativity something you either have or don’t have? Who is (or can be) creative? 80% of people don’t consider themselves creative. You are creative.

In your experience and observation, what is innovation?

I know you train people on methods they can use to spur creativity and make innovation easier. Could you share one or two with us that anyone can use right away?


Go opposite-write down what you know and go opposite

Make time on your calendar for innovation

Magnify -examples: largest wind chime, Gillette blades and 77 pack of beer.

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Bob is the inventor of the innovative/creative thinking game, What’s the BIG Idea?™, author of the personal achievement book, Discovering Your Greatness and the book of innovative strategies and how to create them, 101 Freaking Brilliant Business Ideas: And Ten Ways YOU Can Create Your Own. He is also the host and chief innovator of the Out-THINK the Competition podcast.

Debbie Siegert

How do you sell in this time that we are in?

What is key for salespeople in this environment?

What can you do to be better on the other side of this? Redefine Success

How do you prepare & make plans for after?

As salespeople, we should be having conversations around what does the potential client need to fix, avoid or accomplish. We need to listen and build relationships versus pure sales. It has always been this way.

Now is a good time to ask ourselves, what do we need to start, stop or continue in our business?

3 C’s of leadership: Communication, Cadence, and Clarity

Benjamin McCall

What are the biggest issues that are facing leaders and employees during this crisis/pandemic?

What should leaders be doing right now?

What should leaders/we be preparing for “after it ends”?

Leaders need to be visible, accessible and making sure teams have coverage for what they need.

Chess moves

Ask yourselves, what do we need to be ready for?

Will we need brand damage control after this is over as it relates to having to layoff employees or lack of communication during the situation.

The roundabout analogy-where do we need to fill in the holes?

Re-evaluate performance metrics

Define how you value decisions

Rusty Allison

I hear a lot about Google My Business (GMB) these days but why is verification and management of GMB so critical to my business?

I’ve got a website so I’m all set. Why do I need Google My Business?

I don’t have a lot of time so what are the 2 or 3 most important things I can do on my GMB to get the biggest impact? Add reviews and update photos. Bonus: 360 degree and virtual tours on your GMB page.

Set up your GMB page today: and more great Google resources for small business at

Make sure you don’t already have one first before starting a new page.

Ron Adams

Why growth mindset? How did this become important to you?

Tell me about 5 Capitals: Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Relational and Financial

What are some simple steps someone can do in order to get on the path of growth?

Check out Ron’s podcast and book here:

James Wolf

Recommendations on managing remote teams. Zoom, Slack, Trello, Clickup

How to stay connected? Hold huddle meetings weekly and do check-ins.

What should we be doing to our website during this time?

Ecommerce recommendation: Shopify

People are spending more time on social media now. Use that to your advantage.

Don’t stop marketing just shift to more education and listening to client needs. We learned this valuable lesson from the 2008/2009 downturn.

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