6 week Reset Mindset Mastermind Group

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Who is this for?

You know that you are created for more. You have that little voice nudging you for more but fear is stopping you, this group is designed for you. Whether it is leveling up your business, your life, your work, or your relationships, this group is designed for you. Time to get out of your head and into your heart. We are bringing our Reset sold out events to you in these 6 week sessions.


Come with an open mind and heart and a commitment to do the work. If you are not looking for change, this group will not be a good fit for you.

30-minute call with Kendra to discuss your goals and what does success at the end of six weeks looks like.

The sessions are uniquely designed for the specific group needs. This is not a cookie-cutter study group.

What will be covered in the sessions?

These are not rah-rah sessions with hot air or fluff.

We will be focused on mindset, how your brain is wired, digging into the loop that plays over and over in your head, and helping you hit the reset button.

Goal of moving you from fear and anxiety to joy and gratitude.


When will the coaching be held?

Monday’s from 12-1:00 weekly for six weeks.  There will be reflection assignments from each session. These are not time-consuming exercises and usually can be completed within 10 to 30 minutes.


Why join this Reset Mindset group?

Kendra has invested thousands of dollars and hours in coaching and mindset experiences. She will be sharing tips and techniques that have been provided to her over the last 10 years. She draws from those experiences as well as Brene Brown, Mel Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Jennie Allen and Jen Sincero.

Study Flow:

Week 1: introductions, expectations, assessment, mindset learning #1 and reflection time

Week 2: review reflection findings, mindset learning #2 and reflection

Week 3: review reflection findings, mindset learning #3 and reflection

Week 4: review reflection findings, mindset learning #4 and reflection

Week 5: review reflection findings, mindset learning #5 and reflection

Week 6: review reflection findings, mindset learning #6, assessment and celebrate


Sample mindset topics that we will cover:

Trusting yourself


Fear and anxiety

Stop the negative loop (thoughts)

Self-limiting beliefs

Create a daily practice

Finding your superpower

Connection with others

Most importantly the group will hold you accountable.



These sessions are normally $250 per hour. That is over $1500 value being provided to you for a one time fee of $120 per person for the 6 weeks. Why such a discounted rate? Because Kendra believes all people should have access to mindset shifts not just those that can afford it. We are intentionally keeping the group size to no larger than 15 people per group so everyone can be seen and heard.