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Reset is for you and your team. We are helping you move from fear and anxiety to joy and gratitude.

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Your mindset is the foundation for success in all facets of life.

Stop sabotaging yourself

We sometimes talk to ourselves in not-so-nice ways. What if we lead with love first?

Learn from others

Find inspiration in the stories shared by our coaches, speakers, and your tablemates of how they overcame adversity.

Our Coaches & Speakers

We will help you to identify your limiting beliefs and what is holding you back from your best version of yourself. Find inspiration in the stories of our coaches and speakers and how they overcame adversity. This is not just another motivational speech. These sessions are actionable and have measurable outcomes.

Tarita Preston

Tarita Preston is a coach, speaker, and writer who is passionate about helping people create a life on purpose. She works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives. She coaches individuals on life and leadership and helps them bring presence to every moment. Her clients improve creativity, communication and understand the value of slowing down to speed up. She believes that we each are creative, resourceful and whole.

Topic: How to Slow Down to Speed Up

R.T. Stokes

R.T. is an author, award-winning instructor, and Life Mission Coach with a focus to help people search the depths of their own lives to discover significance hidden beneath the surface and to rise to greater fulfillment in each day.
A college dropout struggling to make sense of his life, Stokes joined the Navy to turn his life around. On his first trip home on leave, his car was blindsided by a suspect fleeing the police. This accident nearly ended his life and resulted in the loss of his memory.
His book, The Relentless Rise is available through Amazon and his app, The Purpose Bound Playbook is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Topic: How to Live a Relentless Life

Mike Woodring

For the past 30 years, Mike has been a top sales person from some of the most recognized names in technology.  He’s been focused on helping his clients get past blockers to transform their businesses. Driven by his passion for life and mastery, he has dived deep into the topic of “mindset” and Neurosciences going through many courses, programs and certifications including CoachU, Master Practioner of NLP with Richard Bandler, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Healing Codes, Sedona Method, Silva Method and many more.  He’s used these learnings with coaching clients over the past 15 years, as well in his own life to create lifetime best performances and major breakthroughs. Bonus: he is my coach.

Topic: Healing Through Mindset Work

Kendra Ramirez

Kendra is Founder and CEO of Reset and Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency. She is globally recognized on the home page of, Women of Influence Honoree, John Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award recipient, AMA Marketing Legend and a finalist for the Social Media Innovator of the Year. Since 2005, she has helped hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, leverage digital technologies. She has spent the last 13 years rebuilding herself after divorce, depression and a failed business. She leads a life of joy and a successful digital agency. Her mission is to empower others.

Melissa Davis

Melissa is a global speaker and coach with over 25 years of highly successful 7 figure experience in direct sales/network marketing.

Her passions are making a difference! Reading, spending time in nature, experiential training seminars, having adventures, learning new things and anything related to animals.

Her motto is you can have anything you want in life when your desires become greater than your fears.

Topic: Finding Your Why and Money Mindset

Reset is for you.

Your mind stops you from fulfilling your dreams. When we are in a good headspace, all things start to fall into place. You are uniquely and wonderfully made.

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